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About – Jayelle Hudson

Jayelle Hudson

I grew up in Washington State in the Pacific Northwest of the United States and traveled frequently throughout Europe and North Africa in my early twenties, finally settling in São Paulo, Brazil in 2008. Living amongst and absorbing a broad range of cultures different from my own and for so many years has led me to reflect deeply on time, connection, and communication, and how these subjects affect our lives.
My work is a form of interactive therapy.

In this recent body of work, the goal is to move beyond the comfort of my own gesture, to arrive at a true unconscious act of painting, for movements and motions liberated through the certainty of an unknown result. It is a battle between the struggle for control and abandonment of expectation.

The most suitable analogy I can think of is that of a pregnancy. Each work is given all the necessary elements to become a beautiful child, the paint is the father, the canvas, the womb of the mother. The two are introduced and gestation occurs, water evaporates, paint solidifies. Then they are born. What will the work look like when born? I don’t know, but the beauty comes from this uncertainty.

The resulting works are expressive and energetic, at once both static and alive. 
Texto em Portugês
Meu trabalho é uma forma de Terapia Interativa.

Nestes últimos trabalhos, o objetivo é ir além do conforto do meu próprio gesto, chegar a um verdadeiro ato inconsciente de pintura, movimentos e ações liberadas pela certeza de um resultado desconhecido. É uma batalha entre a luta pelo controle e o abandono da expectativa.

A analogia mais adequada que posso pensar é a de uma gravidez. Cada trabalho tem todos os elementos necessários para se tornar uma criança linda, onde a pintura é o pai, e a tela é o útero da mãe. Os dois são apresentados e a gestação ocorre, a água evapora, solidificando a tinta. Então eles nascem. Como será ficará trabalho quando nascer? Eu não sei, mas para mim a beleza vem dessa incerteza.

As obras resultantes são expressivas e enérgicas, ao mesmo tempo estáticas e vivas 
Solo Exhibitions
O Gesto
Atelier de Luiz Martins – São Paulo, Brazil – October

Rojo®NOVA Absolut Blank
Cinemateca São Paulo – São Paulo, Brazil – October
Group Exhibitions
Untitled – Work in Progress curated by William Baglione
Galeria Rabieh – São Paulo, Brasil – August

Obras Comentadas
MUnA – Museu Universitário de Arte – Uberlândia, Brasil – November

Secretas Seduções curated by Andrés Hernández
Quarta Parede – São Paulo Brazil – October

Galeria Logo – São Paulo, Brazil – February

HomeGrown – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – September

Galeria Logo – São Paulo, Brazil – February

Galeria Logo – São Paulo, Brazil – February

Noz Na Fita
Fita Tape – Porto Alegre, Brazil – August

Projeto Portfólio #9
Aktuell – São Paulo, Brazil – November

Homen e Natureza
Cartel 011 – São Paulo, Brazil – May
Art Fairs
ArtLima – Lima, Peru
w/IK Projekts

ArteRio – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
w/Galeria Logo
Creative Collaborations
NIKE Global
Nike Tights of the Moment – Women’s Sportswear SS 2014 collection – three patterns on six garments (performance tights & top)

NIKE Global
Nike Sportswear SS 2014 – AirMax, Rosche Run, Studio Wrap, TR3 Free
Revista Vista 050
Collaboration, english section – October/November

s/n˚ Volume 14 – À Flor da Pele
Feature, photography – July

Revista Void – #059 Baby Boom
Interview, photograph – June

Revista Vista 027
Interview, photograph – February

Revista GUDI #02
Collaboration, photography / fashion editorial – February
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Speaking Engagements
Joinville Design School – Joinville, Brazil

Complexo Master – Porto Alegre, Brazil