Acrylic experiments & a new direction

In the effort of exploration and creative self-discovery I have started working on a new technique. While I still love the fluid organic forms I have been making recently, I’ve decided to branch out in search of something new.

Below is a recent triptych. The sheets are 52 x 67 cms each.

490, 491 & 492 Jayelle Hudson 2016 triptych acrylic on paper

jayelle hudson earth toned acrylic on-paper


503, 504 & 505 Jayelle Hudson 2016 triptych acrylic on paper

I’m also exploring this technique with primed and raw canvas, and the effect on both is quite distinct. Raw canvas is similar to paper since it absorbs the acrylic and water, while the effect on primed canvas has more of a textual dimension.

If you’re interested in one of these works and would like more information or would like to see more images, please contact me.

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