My test palette became a pleasent surprise

My husband and I moved in September, and I hate to admit it but I still have some boxes that I haven’t unpacked yet. This past weekend I decided to tackle them and while going through the first one (the only one) I rediscovered two small journals of handmade watercolor paper that were a gift from a good friend of mine, Marcelo Macedo (he’s an amazing multidisciplinary artist). I got distracted from the task at hand and decided to take apart these little books and use the paper to do some small works with acrylic and oil pastel. I just started painting again last March (after more than ten years focusing in other creative areas), so everything is new, everything is a learning experience. Colored oil pastels for example (as opposed to only black), I really love the way the cut through the wet acrylic.

462 463 Jayelle Hudson 2015 acrylic diptych on paper

Normally I don’t test my colors, I just mix them directly in a container or tray, but this time I laid out a large piece of watercolor paper and decided to use it as my test palette. There is something so freeing about globbing paint on paper entirely without care. I noticed my focus slowly moving towards the palette, and at the end of the session I was freely scattering and dripping dirty water on top of the palette. In the end I trimmed the white edges and found something new. What do you think?

464 Jayelle Hudson 2015 25(5)x30cm acrylic on paper

If you’re interested in one of these works and would like more information or would like to see more images, please contact me.

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