Galaxies Diptych

I’ve been feeling rather earthy in my choice of colors these days, and copper is one of my favorites. Instead of pairing it with an umber or cream I decided on one of my other favorite combos, neutral gray and black. This combo reminds me of an obsidian mineral deposit. I like working on multiples, diptychs and triptych. Galaxies is a diptych, and I love seeing how one half relates to the other, and how each work is similar yet unique.

There is a certain amount of chaos, but somehow it feels like a light and passive chaos, as opposed to dark and aggressive.

Below is a detail of the finished diptych. If you look closely you can see the lovely little textural dimensions.

500_jayelle-hudson_2015_acrylicSM.jpg” alt=”499-500 Jayelle Hudson 2015 acrylic” width=”2131″ height=”1500″ class=”alignnone size-full full-width wp-image-4211″ />

If you’re interested in this work and would like more information or to see more images, please contact me.

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